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Thursday, July 19, 2018
face touching

Stop Touching your Face so Much

Old habits are hard to break and many people frequently touch their face. Weather your listening to a lecture in class, listening to someone speak for long periods of...
cup of steam

Steam Your Face to Make Pores Easier to Clear

Steaming your face can make your skin softer for a period time afterwards. It can also make it easier to remove blackheads using your fingers or some sort of...
burning cigarette

Stop Smoking for Better Skin

Lets face it smoke is bad for your lungs because your lungs were not designed to inhale anything other than air. We all know this but people still smoke...
shower head

Cold Showers are Your Friend

Many people may notice that once they shift from taking hot showers to cold showers they may not suffer from frequent breakouts or chronic acne anymore. The reason for...

Exercise Regularly to Reduce your Acne

Exercising regularly can help you keep your hormones levels in check and sweating also helps clear your pores. The action of sweating pushes toxins out of your body. Pushing...