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Many people may notice that once they shift from taking hot showers to cold showers they may not suffer from frequent breakouts or chronic acne anymore. The reason for this is that cold showers fight inflammation and decrease oil production. Theses are the two biggest causes of acne, however there is always going to be some genetic component of acne but there is nothing we can do about our genes.

The majority of people enjoy a hot shower, so we crank the hot water up because it is enjoyable and we don’t like to do things that make us unconformable or are hard for us. The problem with hot showers is that the hot water dries out your skin causing it to become red and more prone to infection. Oil is your skin’s natural barrier from infection and the skin is the biggest organ in the body so naturally your body compensates. To remedy this problem your body produces extra oil to replace the oil that was stripped in your shower.

When the natural oil on your skin is preserved infections are less frequent. Acne is essentially an infection of the skin caused by dirt and other pollutants in the air. As a bonus cold showers improve immune system function and you will receive a circulation boost after your shower ends.

Cold showers can be an important weapon in your acne fighting arsenal! If you can’t stand a full shower in cold try to work on your tolerance to the cold water by alternating between hot and cold water in the shower. After a short time you will be able to shower will less hot water and spend more time in the shower using cold water and eventually transition into just using cold water.


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