burning cigarette

Lets face it smoke is bad for your lungs because your lungs were not designed to inhale anything other than air. We all know this but people still smoke and habits and hard to break. However if you recently taken a new interest in taking care of your skin you will want to stop smoking or at least minimize the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. Smoking not only effects your lungs which results in decreased circulation, it also puts an egregious amount of pollutants in the air.

Your skin is effected internally and externally by this compound effect. Circulation helps the skin naturally expel pollutants from the body and when your circulation is decreased your skin has a harder time doing its job which can result in blackheads and unsightly acne. The smoke itself contains a vast number of harmful substances that essentially clog your pores up.

It is strongly advised to chose a more natural cigarette, roll your own, or switch to a vaping pen if you cannot quit or cut down. Nicotine patches and gum can also be a very useful substituent. The bottom line is the less smoke in the air around your face the better.

I implore you to take a giant step for your health and the beauty of your face by implementing some or all of the measures described above. You can thank me later when your acne is under control or vanished completely. Of course if you have other detrimental habits such as poor diet and exercise this can be a first step.

If you have trouble quitting smoking. These patches work great and have been used by myself and several of my friends to quit cold turkey.


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